Bay City Fireworks Festival

TBA 2021

Event Description

July 2nd – 4th, 2020

People travel from all over the United States to witness our amazing fireworks display.

When you make the trip, you are sure to be treated to magnificent displays each of the first two nights that set the stage for our magnificent grand finale on the third evening. Our grand finale is sure to send shivers down your spine and reinvigorate your pride in our great nation. We hope that you join us as we celebrate out nation’s independence and give thanks to those who have so bravely served to protect out freedoms.

The Bay City Fireworks are more than just amazing pyrotechnic displays, so we hope that you take advantage of all the fun activities that make this event a destination for so many people from across the nation. During the day you can bring your family down and enjoy Skerbeck Family Carnival while eating for the evening’s firework displays. We also have dozens of vendors selling their wares right at the entrance to the carnival, and on the opposite side of the river, Wenonah Park offers great local and regional entertainment on the bandshell stage right up until the fireworks begin. Preview on the 4th.
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