The gallery includes works by the following artists:

Lois Sowa-Stipp: oil paintings, prints, jewelry

Frank Solle : Photography and cards

Charlie Creaser: Woodwork

Bill Byers –  paintings

Ivan McFadden: Pottery

Elena Kern: Oil paintings

Shirley Sowa: Weaving

Kay Masini: Painting

Kris Ries: Painting/prints/cards

Paradise Bay Pottery: Pottery

Larrissa McGinnity – Pottery

Ruth Kelly – Pottery

Jori Tonkinson – Jewelry

Nancy Peterson – Jewelry

Cindy RIcksgers – Painting and instructor

Taffy Rapheal – Photography

Janine Andrews – Jewelry

Linday McDonough – Fiber art and Antiques

Frank Galate – Visual Art

Nancy Neuman – 2 and 3 dimensional Art

Bob Anderson – wood carving

Patrick Berry – silversmithing /Jewelry
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