Joseph W. Clapp founded St. Louis in 1853, when he followed an Indian trail that led to the five-year-old Bethany Lutheran Indian Mission. It was in 1853 that he built the first home in what was to be the City of St. Louis. Over 150 years later, the Mission still stands near Main Street Bridge across the Pine River.

In the fall of 1868, two St. Louis residents drilled for salt in hopes of becoming wealthy. Instead of finding salt they found mineral water which was claimed to have healing powers. Word of the healing water spread so rapidly that St. Louis was soon flooded with wealthy and famous people from all over the nation. As a result, luxurious hotels, renowned opera houses, and a variety of businesses were established to accommodate the travelers visiting the springs.

There are still many recognizable historical sites in the city, and the people of St. Louis help make it a pleasant place to live and work.
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